Ready to add a personal touch to your fitness in Fulham.

Our special little studio on Fulham Palace Road is for those who want to easing back into shape. So that they feel fit, capable and self-confident, with the absence of macho-egos.

We provide you with "the best treat to yourself".

About Us

Est. 2010.
We are an exclusive private members only fitness space, conveniently nestled at the head of Fulham's alphabet streets.

Our cosy little studio has been lovingly restored (from Fulham's formerly renowned Gillingham's Shoe Shop established in 1912) to create the perfect place to escape macho egos and safely ease your body back in to shape.

Over the last few years we have steadily built a reputation of being Fulham's secret weapon, helping locals take the hustle out of keeping fit by making exercising super-convenient so that it's doable, allowing you to focus on the finer things in life...

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Your special little place in Fulham

Lovingly created to peel away the pressure of being in an intimidating workout space. At Fulham Fitness Studio, you'll find it very hard to spot any macho-egos, allowing you to exercise with ease.