30 Mins - HIIPT

We specialise in "doable" 30 Minutes - High Intensity Interval Personal Training (HIIPT)

Every minute in your session with us, has been designed to ensure that you're pushed within your capabilities and motivated to get the most out of your tailor made workout

You can do your session one on one, with a partner or in a group.

Discover Personal Training in Fulham.

1:1 (PT)

It's all about you ...

If you need someone to purely focus on you. Motivating you to stay focused with your nutrition, lifestyle and to give you that extra push during your workouts.

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Partner (CPT)

A problem shared is a problem halved ...

Fancy sharing your session with a spouse, parent, sibling, colleague, friend or we can even pair you up with a like minded workout buddy…

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Strength in numbers ...

Are you a team player who is motivated more when exercising with others.

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We kickstart you.

Make fitness easy and exciting with an exceptional and unrivalled support team of wellbeing experts.

Your new super-convenient way to keep fit.

You decide when you want to exercise and working perfectly together, we make it super convenient so that it's doable. Allowing you to focus on what really matters - Life.

We find ways to keep you in shape.

We appreciate that exercise can be boring, so we therefore strive to expose you to the numerous possibilities of being an independent exerciser.

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Check out our track record of getting Results...

+ Clients who Lost weight 93
+ Clients who improved fitness96
+ Better Flexibility & mobility 85
+ Strength and toned muscles90
+ Motivated to stay focused 95
+ Balance and posture 75


Optimum Fitness Nutritionist.

"She unlocks your healthy passion for food"


Precision Fitness Practitioner.

"He reconnects you with your body"


Functional Fitness 'Connoisseur'.

"He enables you to experience the taste of exercise "


Combat Fitness Master.

"He brings out the fighter in you "


Human Movement Practitioner.

" She shows you how to not just move, but to do the movement. "


Dynamic Fitness Facilitator.

"He will show you the value of Fitness to your life "


Our single session rates start at £45 per 30 minutes session (for a 1 Session Gift Voucher). For those who can commit to our 12 weeks structured fitness programme or purchase a bulk of sessions, we offer exclusive discounts of up to 30% OFF our single session rate...

£ 45 00
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£ 999 99
for Transformations.
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Have a look at our client testimonials below and read about the value we give, to make sure your money is well spent...

Client Image
Nicholas Ib

Thankfully there is nothing macho or intimidating about PTbyPT, just effective and affordable support that helped me lose weight and tone up. Can't recommend them highly enough!!

Client Image
Norinda Jones

The back pain's gone... I feel great, look good (compliments keep pouring in!)... feel so much sexier in my new size 6 clothes :-) I've never been this fit since I was in my teens! If affordable fitness with amazing results is what you're after then I urge you to try PTbyPT - you won't be disappointed!

Client Image
Michael Dickson

Absolutely phenomenal, life changing experience... I have experienced a complete change in life style, I have lost a huge amount of weight, changed my look, even had to purchase a new wardrobe. They offer a very personal experience and make you feel as though you are there only client... This is the one place where results will show. BEST PLACE EVER!!!!!!


When you work with our DreamTeam, we hope you will discover that - what we do, is more than just Fitness. Our unique and precise step by step Personal Training approach to Fitness, which we call your 'CHALLENGE' for CHANGE. Is exclusive to the ptbypt | Fitness Network team. We have spent decades specifically developing, refining and creating this bespoke Fitness journey to totally focus on your Fitness. Take a quick glance below to see exactly how we do it. Step by step, supporting you to achieve your goals and beyond for lifelong results.



Getting to know you...

The first step in your journey with us is about getting to know you and understanding why you feel you need a Personal Trainer. We will look at health, fitness, nutrition and lifestyle.



Planning for success...

During your second step we turn our attention to creating a solid and smart plan of action to help you make the necessary changes you need to achieve your goals.



Actions speak loader than words...

In this third step we focus on motivating you to become actively engaged with your challenge to optimise your health, fitness, nutrition and lifestyle for life long result.



Live happily forever active...

When we reach your forth and final step we identify how you can realistically maintain and progress your health and fitness beyond your work with us.

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